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Many patients face the common yet dangerous condition of tooth decay, which can develop from poor oral hygiene, not visiting the dentist, or eating a diet that has lots of carbohydrates. If bacteria affects the teeth, it can weaken the tooth enamel to the point that a cavity forms as a hole in the tooth.

While it is a common assumption that cavities only affect children, they can develop in any smile that doesn’t receive proper care. Seniors can face an increased risk of tooth decay if their teeth are fragile from not receiving good maintenance in earlier years or if they have tooth decay developing around old dental fillings.

You may noticed some of the common signs of a cavity, such as experiencing a constant toothache or feeling tooth sensitivity when eating hot and cold foods and beverages. You may also have a visible hole in your tooth that you can feel with your tongue. Our dentist will be able to determine during your regular dental check-up if you have a cavity.

Our dentist at Patchogue Dental Service PC can provide several different treatments for decayed teeth. While in the early stages, a cavity can be repaired with a dental filling. Larger cavities can call for a dental crown or even, root canal therapy. If restorative dental treatments aren’t enough, tooth extraction may be the next step.

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