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Dentures are great oral appliances that can give you the smile you have wanted for a lifetime. They are custom-made appliances that fit perfectly in your mouth. To help you learn more about the appliance that can restore your oral health and improve your smile’s appearance, we have provided the answers to the following questions:

What is the difference between complete and partial dentures?
Complete and partial dentures are quite different. Complete dentures are made to fill your entire mouth with beautiful teeth when you have zero natural teeth remaining. The complete denture will be placed over your gums and will be suctioned into place. Partial dentures are made to fill a gap in your smile when you still have natural teeth remaining. All you need to do is place the denture in the gap and clasp it to the remaining teeth that lie on both sides.

What do dentures feel like?
A new denture might feel a little odd in the beginning because your cheek muscles and tongue are not quite used to the appliance. Your mouth might also feel a little irritated and sore when you first start wearing the denture, but it should go away once your mouth adjusts.

How will dentures make me feel?
Dentures will make you a bit frustrated at the beginning—but only because it will be a little difficult to chew and speak. However, with some practice, you will love your denture in no time. All you need to do is start by eating small, soft foods and speaking and reading out loud to help your mouth familiarize itself with the appliance.

How often would I wear dentures?
At first, you might be asked to wear the appliance around the clock. This will help you get used to the denture and it will help us know if we need to make any adjustments. After some time, you will only need to wear the denture during the day.

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