Tips to Stop Teeth Grinding

Many people grind their teeth from time to time. If teeth grinding, which is also called bruxism, only occurs occasionally, it usually does not harm the teeth. However, regular bruxism can damage the teeth and cause other oral health issues. Teeth grinding and clenching often occurs during sleep and can be caused by a misaligned… Read more »

Dentures: All You Need to Know About Your Tooth-Replacing Appliance

Dentures are great oral appliances that can give you the smile you have wanted for a lifetime. They are custom-made appliances that fit perfectly in your mouth. To help you learn more about the appliance that can restore your oral health and improve your smile’s appearance, we have provided the answers to the following questions:… Read more »

Got Braces? Do Your Best to Avoid Gum Disease

Gum disease is a dangerous dental problem that develops if you don’t remove the plaque on your teeth on a regular basis. This disease irritates your gums, deteriorates your bones, and loosens your teeth. This is a disease you always need to watch out for, especially if you have braces. So, if you have braces,… Read more »

Managing Minor Tooth Decay Issues

Your twice a year, routine dental cleaning and checkup includes a thorough inspection of your teeth to catch minor tooth decay issues before they can develop into something more serious. Tooth decay occurs when food particles and residual sugar in the mouth allow bacteria to develop into a film of plaque. These bacteria can be… Read more »