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Bruxism is a term that is also known as teeth grinding. In adults, this issues most commonly results from stress. Sometimes an effective stress management program is enough to resolve the issue. However, if you continue to grind your teeth, it can lead to more serious complications.

The chronic tension in jaw muscles and the inflammation in joints can eventually lead to issues with TMJ disorder. The act of teeth grinding itself can often cause the biting surfaces of molars and premolars to unnaturally slip over each other, resulting in large chips and even fractures in the tooth enamel.

One way to help prevent these things from happening is to wear a night guard when you go to bed each night. At the same time, many people complain that the night guards available in stores can often be uncomfortable because they fit poorly in the mouth. This often leads to excess saliva production, resulting in a poor night’s sleep.

Fortunately, your dentist, Dr. Iqbal Sayed, can fit you for a custom night guard. This soft plastic unit is designed to comfortably match the unique shape of your mouth. This serves to protect your teeth and reduce the friction between biting surfaces to help relax the muscle tension in your jaw.

If you grind your teeth on a regular basis, you should call Patchogue Dental Service PC at 631-758-6689 to see if you are a good candidate for a custom-fitted night guard in Patchogue, New York.